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F. Scott Fitzgerald - Tender is the Night

: Wordsworth Classics
c. 320
1993 .

ISBN: 1-85326-097-5

"Tender is the Night" is a story set in the hedonistic high society of Europe during the `Roaring Twenties`. A wealthy schizophrenic, Nicole Warren, falls in love with Dick Diver - her psychiatrist. The resulting saga of the Divers` troubled marriage and their circle of friends, includes a cast of aristocratic and beautiful people, unhappy love affairs, a duel, incest, and the problems inherent in the possession of great wealth. Despite cataloguing a maelstrom of interpersonal conflict, "Tender is the Night" has a poignancy and warmth which springs from the quality of F.Scott Fitzgerald`s writing and the tragic personal experiences on which the book is based. : 12,5 x 19,5 .
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